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Located in the southeastern corner of the Philippines southernmost island of Mindanao, Lies the City of Davao. It is one of the Philippines’ most progressive cities. Its international airport and seaports are among the busiest cargo hubs in the southern part of the Philippines. It is also the culinary, cultural, economic and commercial capital of the south. Locals know Davao (dah-bow, and sometimes spelt ‘Dabaw’) has more than enough action to keep them satisfied, and yet it’s only a short drive or boat ride to forested slopes and white-sand beaches. If you’re searching for city that capitalizes on the outdoors, you might just find Davao a pleasant surprise.

Davao has so many things to offer to its guests and visitors. It’s picturesque landscapes, wildlife treasures and diverse culture. In Davao City, you get to enjoy the ultimate quality of life at a cost that will never hurt your budget. Almost everything is affordable in the city from fares to accommodation to food, and leisure. Davao is also one of the country’s top destinations when it comes to white sand beaches.

Must See! Beaches and The Island Garden City of Samal


The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands. Most of these are attractive islands but there a few which seem to stand above the rest , – a 15-minute boat ride away from the busy districts of Davao City, lies the Island Garden City of Samal, “A little paradise on earth” is how people described the place.  Home to some of the most romantic and beautiful beaches in the Philippines and the island is not crammed with tourists. Samal provides a tranquil and magnificent view of the gulf at all points and directions.

Take a cruise around and get to see almost 50 beach resorts scattered all over the island.  Its gorgeous tropical environment, sparkling green water and ivory sand beckoned relaxation and serenity provide visitors with a well-deserved holiday escape. Scuba diving need not to be expensive to be awe-inspiring and fun. Samal has a great number of diving spots, for the most part around the island there are packages which ranges from 850-1500 pesos.

August is… Time to Feast!

For the Festival goers you may prefer to visit Davao in August when the annual Kadayawan (Good Harvest) Festival is held during the third week. Celebrated with floats of flowers and fruits and street dancing in colorful costumes. A Variety of tribes parade the streets with their tribal costumes and jewelry. The harbor is the venue for native and power boat races.


Adrenaline Rush

Davao City is the access in climbing the King of all mountains in the Philippines, Mt. Apo is the highest point with an elevation of 3144 Meters above sea level. So if you are a thrill-seeker, trekking Mt. Apo is definitely a perfect escapade.


Your heart-pumping quest doesn’t just end on land or in the beach. Experience the more extreme Davao Wild-Water Adventure and paddle through the strong rapids of Davao River in a 15-km quest which runs for 3-4 hours. The Davao river rafting adventure takes most of a day and will stimulate all of your senses. It will give you so much to post on Facebook, YouTube et al.

Taste the Summer All Year Round!

Davao is abundantly blessed with tropical fruits which are available all year round. Thay is why it has been hailed as the food basket of the Philippines. It is where you can find home-grown fruits such as Durian, pomelo, mangosteen, lanzones, rambutan, marang and many more to mention at very affordable price. You may forego other fruits showcased in the city but your whole Davao experience will never be complete without trying the most sought after the king of fruits – Durian. Yes, it may smell like hell but it certainly tastes like heaven so don’t go home without tasting it.


Peace and Safety, Warm Loving People

Home of the newly elected President of the Philippines, Davao City is well known to be one of the safest place you’ll ever visit.


The people living in Davao are proud of their city and it shows in the way they treat tourists.  If you wave, they wave.  If you ask directions they are more than happy to direct you to your next destination. The taxi drivers are amazingly friendly and honest.

You will really have a great time staying in any part of Davao.  It’s a great feeling to wander and explore without worries. Only fun and sun!

Free up your senses. Meet new friends. Fill your heart with joy and love as you travel to your next target destination – Davao, Philippines.

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