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Ottawa is no doubt the true representative of Canada’s culture and beauty. Ottawa being the official capital of Canada is a must to visit tourist attractions for travelers and explorers all around the world. This cosmopolitan city has to offer plenty of fun activities and places to visit that are totally worth your money and time. From glorious landmarks to great festivals, this is the place you should visit on your next tour to Canada.

Following are some of the suggested places to visit in Ottawa:PARLIAMENT HILL

If you are interested in exploring the history of the politics of Canadian culture, you must not miss this hallmark monument to visit on your tour to Ottawa. Discover the Parliament hill and its houses, the architectural beauty of the building, get close to the history of Canada’s past political events and ideas. This iconic building is situated on a hill facing the picturesque Ottawa river. There are many national festivals also being held in this building. From the House of Senate to the Changing of Guard Ceremony, Parliament Hill is a must to visit tourist attractions whenever you visit Ottawa, Canada.BYWARD MARKET

Byward Market is the heart of the city. From boutiques to food stalls, the market is a top tourist attraction for travelers all around the world. The market depicts the true culture of Canada and its people. There are about 600 shops and stalls working independently in the market. The vivid colors and hustle-bustle of the market will surely excite you. Visit the Byward Market on your next visit to Ottawa because it is worth your time and money!UNESCO RIDEAU CANAL

The iconic Rideau Canal was built for military purposes in the past. The Rideau Canal has a very significant place in the history of Canada. It is an all-time favorite spot for tourists for camping and picnic. You can also enjoy paddling across the canal. This historic waterway is a must to visit place in Ottawa, Canada.OUTDOOR ADVENTURES

Ottawa is the hub of outdoor adventures and activities. Either you are on land or waters, you can still enjoy the most while traveling. You can do cycling, riding and play sports. You can enjoy rafting, paddling, and kayaking. You can also go for bungee jumping and sky-diving for a great adventure.FESTIVALS

Ottawa is the home to the world’s finest festivals and celebrations. Don’t miss out on any festival during your tour to Ottawa. Some of these festivals include Canada Day, Ottawa Chamber-fest, a Jazz festival and many more.NATIONAL CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS

Ottawa is the home to seven national cultural attractions of Canada. It includes:

  1. National Gallery of Canada

Witness the impeccable artwork collection of Canada’s great artists by visiting the National Gallery of Canada.

  1. Canadian Museum of History

One of the most visited tourist attractions of Canada is the Canadian Museum of History. If you are a fan of the historic events, visit this museum to explore more about the history of Canada.

  1. Canada Science and Technology Museum

Blow your minds by experiencing world-class scientific and technological wonders.

  1. Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Witness the most substantial aviation and aerospace collections housed in the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

  1. Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

For all ages, it is one of the best museums to visit in Ottawa. For a fun-filled, educational tour visit the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, especially if you are an animal lover or a foodie.

  1. Canadian Museum of Nature

Who doesn’t want to explore nature? From historic to modern species of flora and fauna, you will find everything at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

  1. Canadian War Museum

From tanks to jet fighters, explore the Canadian War Museum on your next tour to Ottawa.

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Ottawa is no doubt the true representative of Canada’s culture and beauty. Ottawa being the official capital of Canada is a must to visit tourist

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