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Known to be the cuisine capital, Montreal is today the 2nd largest city in Canada. The place feels like an old town and has the perfect atmosphere than can attract tourists from miles. With special wine bars, street arts and a diverse range of culture you will find many reasons to visit this place. Montreal is famous for its festival galore, Mount royal and its botanical garden. Mount Royal is the heart of Montreal as this has the largest greenspaces so it’s worth a visit. The crystal-clear water and tons of beaches for the people who miss the sun. The best time to come to visit Montreal is when international festivals are held. The city design and the view of this place in winter are pure magic which will make sure that you enjoy this place to your full.

The top must-see attractions for Montreal are:


Space for life also known as Bidome is one of the top attractions in Montreal. In this place, there are five ecosystem houses that ensure you have one hell of a time. The tropical forest, The Laurentian maple forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Labrador coast and the sub-Atlantic islands are the showcase you will explore here. The place takes us back to 1973 when this place was designed to make it a part of an Olympic park. Completed in 1976, this place is a true masterpiece of architect and displays. The perfect spot for every tourist to explore and enjoy the services of Bidome.


The botanical garden of Montreal is a true heaven on earth with a huge diversity of flora and fauna from all around the world. The picturesque views of the botanical garden are a treat for the eyes of the tourists as well as the true lovers of nature. The garden is at its full bloom in the summers and it is best recommended to visit in either spring or summer season. Without any doubt, the botanical garden is a magical get away from all the troubles and stress of your busy life. Buckle up yourself to explore and experience the beauty of the world’s one of the top botanical gardens in Montreal.


If you a curious nature lover and have a keen interest to explore more about the insects and other related species, then this is the perfect place to visit during your tour. From exquisite butterflies to beauteous ants, you will find every kind here. Montreal insectarium is one of the world’s largest and exquisite insectarium. If you are traveling with kids, make sure to bring them to this natural museum for the insects and bugs. The preserved, as well as the living insects and bugs, will leave you amazed.


Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium is an architectural wonder of Montreal city. It is famous for its outstanding architecture and the perfect presentation of the beautiful nightlife. Looking for a trip, packed with fun and education altogether? This amazing planetarium of Montreal is a must to go destination for travelers and explorers. It is a destination best for all sorts of people and purposes. Don’t miss out on this destination as it is the pure representative of Montreal’s art combined with high technology.

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Known to be the cuisine capital, Montreal is today the 2nd largest city in Canada. The place feels like an old town and has the

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