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Best Places in Michigan that you must see:


is the little slice of heaven that embodies all that is Michigan. This is primarily because there are no cars allowed on the island; transportation consists of horses and buggies, bicycles, and your own two feet. Even fire trucks, emergency responders , and street sweepers are pulled by horses! Inevitably, one will feel a level of nostalgia when visiting Mackinac Island, as it appears as though the island itself has somehow managed to escape the pervasive changes that so often accompany the passage of time.


is called the cherry capital of the world. Aside from produce, you will also find nearly 30 different wineries such as Chateau Grand Traverse, this is well-known throughout the Midwest and surrounding areas. For beer lovers, there are several excellent distilleries and brewers to try. This city is also a hub of arts and entertainment such as Traverse City Film Festival, National Cherry Festival.


is known for its beauty and spectacular views along with its amazing architecture in the form of Victorian-style cottages.


is the largest island, it comprises with hundreds square miles of forest, crystal clear water and a diverse array of wildlife.


is the largest city in Michigan and is the 10th largest city in the U.S. Anyone who is interested in automobile industry should also make a point to tour the Ford Rouge Factory, which is just down the road from the Museum and Village.


is a sleepy beach town on Lake Michigan, takes pride in what you will not like big name businesses, restaurants or shopping malls.

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