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Kingston, also known as by another name “The Limestone City.” The city is named due to its iconic architectural monuments made up of limestone. Kingston is a small yet rich in culture city of Canada located between Toronto and Montreal. The city has a history as old as the 17th century. Kingston has a combination of cultural roots of both French and Canadian culture. The beautiful city of Kingston has to offer plenty of tourist attractions to people all around the world. It is one of Canada’s must to visit cities.

Following are the top tourist attractions in Kingston:


One of the most visited tourist attractions of Kingston is Kingston Waterfront. This beautiful landmark allows its visitors to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Lake Ontario. Its pathway is 8 kilometers long. The beauty of the waterfront makes the walk easier for visitors. You can experience a fascinating sunset view with your family and friends at the Kingston Waterfront. This destination catches your attention in a way no other destination can.


The historic fort, built-in 1832 stands tall in the remembrance of the defense of the city. Fort Henry is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The fort is the home to a rich and historic cultural recollection of Canadian roots. Visit the fort to witness military practices and ceremonies. The museum inside the fort is also worth visiting.


Visiting the Kingston Penitentiary can be an amazing and unique experience for all travelers. It is one of Canada’s oldest and most secured prisons. Explore the inside of a historic prison and hear never listened to stories about it during your visit.


If you are an art fan, then you must have to visit this magnificent Centre for the Performing Arts. The Centre truly justifies its purpose. It has a theatre studio, a spacious concert hall, a private rehearsal hall, and a film screening room. This is a heaven on Earth for artists from all around the world. A visit to the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts will satisfy your appetite for artwork.


Kingston is the former capital of Canada and the home to Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John Alexander Macdonald. The Bellevue House can be on your place-to-visit list in Kingston. A short visit to the Bellevue House can be a remarkable experience. The architecture of the house is a real treat for the eyes and attracts the tourists. The house staff is quite professional and friendly and they will tell you stories that you have never heard about the house as well as its former owner.

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