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Going to spend your vacations at Christmas! Make this place at the top of your priority list as Quebec is the best place to visit in winters. It is a place full of lights and decorations with the white captivating snow falling around. Even the pictures you see of this place do not do justice with the beauty of this place. The ambiance, the paints, the cuisines, restaurants and of course the five-star hotels make this place on the top of the list. The place also has many romantic spots which are the best one to date with your partner. Quebec is a province having the multicultural communities all around. It is the largest province of Canada and has a population of about 8.2 million people. Quebec is famous for its vibrant culture, the vast forests, rolling hills, and the countless mesmerizing waterways. Even in summers, this place is a perfect haven for tourists who wants to enjoy sunny destinations.


The Fortifications of Quebec serves as a reminder to the richness of the military past that this city does have. Whenever you visit this place, you will find yourself in the old times of French and British. You cannot stop yourself without admiring the beautiful work of the artisans that are highly skillful and talented enough to paint the past in a schematic way. There is a 4.6 km wall surrounding the old city of Quebec. If you have the perfect tour guide you will find some interesting stories regarding Canadians and Montcalm on your every path here.


This place is a must to visit during your trip to Quebec as this place has its own charm with many historic realities in it. It is one of the most popular places for travelers and specialists especially. Thousands of visitors come here every here to appraise the showcases and the architects. This place is of the vibrant neighborhood due to the Royal and the petit-Champlain district. Here you will get to know the historical stories and see the difference of culture as well.


Visiting this place will make you feel a beautiful melodious song running all around. This place has the most beautiful scenery and one must not forget to visit it in any condition. A fun fact about this place is that this river has fresh water coming from a lot of different places making it a top thing to see in Quebec. It is present between the boundaries of the United States and Canada. The purity and crystal reflection of the river is surely not to miss during your tour here.


Saint-Anne-de-Beaupre shrine is present about 20 minutes away from Quebec City. Millions of visitors visit this place every year. The people from different communities gather at this place from about 350 years before. The shrine is dedicated to the grandmother of Jesus who is Saint Anne. This place is a combination of many masterpieces like paintings, mosaics, stone and wooden sculptures. The total length of the building is 105 meters and it has a width of 48 meters. The place is rich with the faithfulness of Saint Anne towards the people lived there.

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